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Tick Tick BOOM!!! Gotcha! - A Lyme Blend - 4 ounce
Tick Tick BOOM!! Gotcha!© has been developed to help drive the spirochetes out of the body and may be beneficial to push the bacteria out of their hiding place. It may also enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics or other alternative bacteria killers, creating greater results. In other words, Tick Tick BOOM!! Gotcha!© may help stop the spirochetes from evading the immune system. ---- Tick Tick BOOM!! Gotcha!© may also be beneficial to help with joint problems, tight ligaments, and cramping. It may also benefit folks dealing with Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, and chronic problems involving joint and muscle pain. ---- Proprietary Blend: Xu Duan, PiMag Filtered Water, Spearmint
Price: $33.99
Eye C.U.2 - An Eye Blend - INTERNAL USE - 4 ounce
Eyebright ---- This Herbal Eyewash Formula has been used for years because of its antiseptic qualities. It may be beneficial to clear up cataracts and a heavy mucous film across the eyes. It may also be beneficial to help stop macular degeneration and to release scar tissue left from a herpes infection. It may also be beneficial to brighten the eye, remove foreign particles, and help reduce glaucoma. It may aid in the removing of floaters and stop sub retinal hemorrhage. It has been recorded that some people who have used this formula have regained their vision if they were nearsighted, farsighted, or even blind. ---- Proprietary Blend: Eyebright Herb, Bayberry Bark, Goldenseal Root, Red Raspberry Leaves, Cayenne, Spearmint
Price: $45.00
Quite Savvy -- 2 ounce
The following are many things which may be beneficial from the use of Quite Savvy©. ---- Anti-inflammatory, Anti-fungal, Anti-viral, Anti-tumor properties, Anti-oxidant, Anti-bacterial, Anti-parasitic, Minor wounds, Abrasions, Cuts, Bruises, Minor burns, Sunburn, Diaper rash, Cradle cap, Chapped lips, hands, face, Stops spasms in smooth muscles lining stomach and intestines, Bedsores, Sedative, Acne, Rashes, Eczema, Radiation-induced dermatitis, Bug bites or stings, Poison ivy, ---- ALLERGY ALERT --- DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO FLOWERS IN THE DAISY, MARIGOLD OR IN THE RAGWEED FAMILY. ---- Safe from babies to elderly ~~~ Safe to use externally. ---- Proprietary Blend: Calendula, Chamomile, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Vit. E
Price: $9.50


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