Marlene and Company  ~~  A way for her memory to live on.

Please celebrate Marlene's life with us as you take a journey through her album.  The recording of Marlene singing was in February 2011.  She loved the Lord, she loved music.  While she had a child-like mind, her faith was strong and grounded.

For Your Enjoyment – Hallelujah, I’ve Got A Home In Gloryland, Give Me Oil In My Lamp
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Marlene was very special to each of her sisters.  She brought so much joy to our family and we have been blessed to call her sister. 

Her smile, her laugh, her excitement.  She impacted our lives like no other person. 

She will NEVER be forgotten because she won all of our hearts many, many years ago.

She taught us things that we could never see. 

She showed us how to look at life through a different set of eyes
and we gained knowledge and compassion for others of many handicaps because she saw everyone as an equal. 

There was no division. 
She didn't see fault. 

She was innocent, child-like, and loved everyone unconditionally. 

Family Vacation in Marco Island, Florida

Family Vacation at Disney World in Orlando, Florida

Family Vacation in Chicago, Illinois

Family Vacation at Cincinnati, Ohio

We have so many great memories to hold on to and cherish of her life.  
We love you, Marlene!  You will always be our Sweetie and
even your death can’t take that from us.  Your victory is our gain
as well.  Heaven is blessed to have you in their presence.  

Marlene's Family

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