My Testimony
My health began plummeting as a young child, and by the age of 11 doctors began running tests to determine what was wrong. As I matured, married, and we started our family, something was still dramatically wrong and questions went unanswered and misdiagnosing continued until the year 2006.   
God never failed me while I kept asking Him for answers.  I didn’t like the many misdiagnosis’s that kept coming my way, but when I was told in 1999 that I had 3-5 years to be in a wheelchair, I decided there had to be more to life than being confined to a wheelchair, so I took control of my life. 
In 2006 I thought I had finally discovered the culprit for my health issues.  I went to my dentist and he confirmed that he believed I had mercury poisoning from teeth fillings.  He recommended that I see a specialist. 
The specialist discussed the possibility of having mercury poisoning and confirmed he could remove and replace all fillings for a tune of around $5,000, but then he spoke these sweet miraculous words to me.  “I don’t think this is your problem.  You have too many of the same symptoms I had and I want you to go see a holistic doctor.”  He gave me his doctor’s name and I left without having any fillings removed or a bill.   
After visiting with the holistic doctor, answering what seemed like an endless number of questions on multiple pages, and having labs, urine, feces, hair and saliva tests run, I finally got my answer.  A correct diagnosis.  Celiac Disease.  My thoughts?  What is Celiac Disease?  I had already been diagnosed with Lupus, Palendromic Rheumatoid and Fibromyalgia.  Now what on earth is Celiac Disease?   
I saw God take the reins of my life and bring me joyously to a whole new level for answers.  Celiac Disease – a disease which comes from a food allergy to wheat, rye, and barley.  The solution?  Remove these grains and derivatives of these grains from my diet and it will correct itself. 
Wow!  You talk about seeing God at work as He interceded in ways that taught me many things about health in general.  And because of the things I have learned through my own decline and rebuild of my own health, He made a way for me to go to school and learn more about how He designed us and ways we can help ourselves.  
God was in control and led me to my final chapter of my health challenges.  While going through many physical struggles, my faith remained strong, but God has always and still remains so lovingly faithful.  And to Him I owe all praise, all honor, and all glory.

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