The Living Well Foot Spa
Model 5800


The Living Well Foot Spa, Hydro-Stimulation Model 5800, has been developed with the latest technology in bio-energy chargers.  The Living Well Foot Spa is designed to function with water because water is the foundation of all biological processes.
All tasks performed by our body use water.  As further explanation, every cell in our body, though there are many different types, require and use water for hydration and energy to perform their designed tasks.  When cells are either depleted or deprived of water or energy, they fail to operate properly and poor health can result.
The Living Well Foot Spa works through the fundamental process of the transference of energy through water.  This system makes the extra energy of the charged (or energized) water available.  Upon contact, the cells in our body can then utilize this extra energy and begin the process of balance and restoration of health.

Detoxing the body of accumulating toxins, poisons, heavy metals, free radical damage, and sludge is very important.  Leaving such things in the body could create deterioration of one’s health and could shorten one’s quality of life by unnecessary illness.  The Living Well Foot Spa utilizes the energy found in water to increase energy levels and alkalinity, and increase the health of the living cells in your body. 

At The Living Well, we strive to bring the latest in technology and best in quality to our customers.  It is for the health and wellness of our customers that we work so diligently because our belief is that living healthy is living well.  Experience the energy that comes from living and being well.  We are confident that you will see and feel the difference.

The Living Well Foot Spa is not a test nor
does it give a medical diagnosis.  


The following color chart could determine the results of your foot spa.
This color chart is for reference only.

We do not support all of the color chart as it clinically has not been proven.

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